Illegal foreign national arrested after being found in possession of explosives at Matipane village, Bolobedu


By Agreement Mabunda

MATIPANE-A 46-year-old African male was arrested on Tuesday, 14 May 2024 at  Matipane village for unlawful possession of  Explosives and Contravention of Immigration Act.

It is reported that the Operational team, which includes the Mopani Tracking Team, Provincial Vispol Task Team, Mopani Highway Patrol, Giyani K9 and Mokwakwaila Detectives while performing operational duties around Mokwakwaila area, received a tip-off about a man with explosives.

The team immediately operationalized the information and visited the designated address.

Upon arrival at the address, members found an African male and asked permission to search the premises. They discovered a bag carrying the following explosives, under the bed: 02 Durafuse connector-capped fuses, 02 Shocktube assemblies, 01 lengths of detonating fuse, and 02 Stemming material cartridges.

The suspect failed to provide proof of identity upon request, preliminary investigation revealed that the suspect was in the country illegally.

He was subsequently arrested for unlawful possession of explosives and Contravention of the Immigration Act.

He will appear before Kgapane Magistrate’s Court on Thursday, 16 May 2024.

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