IEC CEO Sy Mamabolo Praises South Africans’ Dedication to Democracy Ahead of 2024 Elections


By Staff Reporter

MIDRAND-As the 2024 National and Provincial Elections draw near, Sy Mamabolo, CEO of the Independent Electoral Commission (IEC), has expressed profound gratitude for the unwavering commitment of South Africans to the democratic process. In a recent statement, Mamabolo highlighted several key milestones and preparations that underscore the country’s dedication to ensuring a fair and transparent election.

Among the significant achievements, Mamabolo noted the casting of over 56,000 votes by South Africans abroad, a testament to the global participation in the country’s democratic process. Additionally, meticulous preparations for special votes are well underway, ensuring that all eligible voters have the opportunity to exercise their democratic rights.

With more than 90 million ballots printed, the scale of the upcoming elections is immense. Mamabolo emphasized the paramount importance of maintaining integrity throughout the voting process. He assured the public that every measure is being taken to safeguard the legitimacy of the elections and to uphold the principles of democracy.

A key component of the IEC’s strategy to ensure transparency is the launch of the National Results Operation Centre at the Gallagher Convention Centre.

This state-of-the-art facility will serve as the nerve center for the election results, promoting inclusivity and openness. Thousands of observers from around the world are expected to participate, providing an additional layer of oversight and credibility.

Mamabolo stressed the critical importance of every single vote, urging all South Africans to engage in this historic event. He called on citizens to embrace the principles of trust, integrity, and respect as they cast their ballots, reinforcing the foundational values of the nation’s democracy.

The IEC’s efforts reflect a deep commitment to facilitating a transparent, inclusive, and credible electoral process. As the nation prepares for the 2024 elections, Mamabolo’s message resonates with the call for active participation and vigilance, ensuring that the voice of every South African is heard and respected.

The upcoming elections are not just a political exercise but a reaffirmation of South Africa’s dedication to democratic principles. Mamabolo’s acknowledgment of the milestones achieved and the preparations in place highlights the collective effort required to sustain and strengthen democracy in the country.


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