I am disappointed because i had hoped that jail would change my son, Ronny's father

I am disappointed because i had hoped that jail would change my son, Ronny’s father


By Kabelo Abel Mokgalabone

MOKGOLOBOTO VILLAGE – The family of the late Ronny Kgatla, who has allegedly killed his girlfriend Kgaogelo Shai, has vacated their home in Mokgoloboto village.

This comes after the engraged mob decided to take matters into their own hands by getting rid of the family that has been harboring the alleged suspect.

The Letaba TVET College student went missing on Friday, August 28 after she was last seen with her boyfriend. The 35- year old Kgatla, who committed suicide three days after Kgaogelo’s disappearance.

Speaking exclusively to Tzaneen Voice on Monday afternoon, one angry community member, who preferred to remain anonymous, said that they are sick and tired of crime in their area.

“We are sick and tired of the crimes that are committed in our village. We had to make an example with the Kgatla family, who have been staying with a man who is a killer” said anonymously.

According to o reports, Kgatla was on parole, after serving years in prison for the same crime of killing a woman.

The resident who wants to remain anonymous, further said the Kgatla family must leave.

“Kgatla has killed his girlfriend before Kgaogelo, and he was still welcomed at his home with open arms, it feels like they encouraged his bad behavior. They must leave and never come back.” She explained.

The 20-year-old partially decomposed body of Shai was found in a small stream in the village on September 07, after a week-long search by the police and the community.

Tzaneen Voice caught up with a devastated father of Kgatla, who was packing some of his belongings. Kgatla conceded that his son’s sins are inevitably coming back to haunt his family.

” I am sad. I’m disappointed because I had Hopes that jail would change my son into a better man but clearly, I was wrong, now his wrongful doings have made us fight with our neighbours and rightly so. We understand that the residents are angry and we will leave this place but with heavy hearts,” he concluded.

Kgatla pleaded with the community to give them a week to pack heir belongings and vacate the village.

Shai was buried on Sunday at Molalane village, Ga – Sekororo.


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