Hunt for man who gave learners poisoned Chocolate in Namakgale


By Staff writer

NAMAKGALE-Two children from Namakgale Primary schools fell ill on Thursday after taking chocolate from an unknown man driving a maroon vehicle during break time.

The unknown man passed by the school during break time and gave one of the learners a chocolate through the fence, the learner then shared it with the fellow friend.  Afterwards, both learners started feeling dizzy and were quickly rushed to Maphutha Malatji hospital.

School’s Senior Management Team (SMT) confirmed the incident and said there are two learners in a serious condition who will remain in hospital overnight.

“We are hoping that the rest of the children will be discharged shortly.”

He explained that the hospital had given out the medication “to cleanse the bodies of the children” affected.

“We are grateful to the Department of Health for everything they have done to help,” he said.

“We are working with the police, and the children to describe the suspect to us.”

He added that he was deeply concerned about the situation and could not understand why someone would want to do this to children.

“We call on parents to emphasise the issue that children must never talk to or form any type of relationship with unknown persons.

“They must not take anything from strangers or from anyone they don’t know outside the school premises,” he said.


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