How Nkowankowa Power Entrepreneur Couple Mix Business and Love


By Agreement Mabunda

NKOWANKOWA: Founders of SAMSREC Production have set their sights on reaching heights beyond their wildest dreams.

The multi-Media company is spearheaded by Samuel and his wife Bella Ntsanwisi, passionate couple born and bred in Nkowankowa.

The couple founded the company 8 years ago in 2013 and named SAMSREC, a short abbreviation for Samstar Records Production.

The company provides services such as filming production, events videos and photography.

Speaking to Tzaneen Voice, the couple went into details regarding their intertwined passion.

“I studied Film and Television while my wife studied photography, and we are also musicians and boost project management qualification, so this is who we are,” said Samuel.

Samuel started his primary school at Ritavi School before moving to Meridian and Stanford for his high school.

Samuel furthered his studies at the Tshwane University of Technology (TUT ) where he completed his MBA, and currently, he is completing his Masters of Film and TV at the University of Witwatersrand.

Although it was Samuel’s idea to start with this production, he was inspired by the Studio Acanthus Singh built in Kwazulu-Natal and by Tyler Perry as well.

“Those studios are amazing and God – willing, I would love to have something like that” claimed Samuel.

Like all other organizations, Samsrec Production also had a mission from the onset which arose out of the need to capture events and memories in high resolution and style.

Samuel says he wanted his production to be the best, especially in Limpopo and Mpumalanga provinces.

“Our production’s heart is offering the client an exclusive VIP experience that allows their events to trend, ” he said.

From a film and television content production perspective to the promotion of indigenous language productions, especially Xitsonga content is crucial for the company,” he added

The main goal of the couple is to be a leading content creator, providing innovative, global entertainment solutions and television services.

Rirhandzu won two Gold awards at the International film awards.

“It has always been our position that you don’t need to be in Gauteng in order to tell a good story, an industry needs to start and fly right here,” said Samuel.

Samsrec Production did the third Fireside Theatre Production, which is an outdoor on-stage theatrical offering, and about 45 young local children from local schools have received training and development from it.

It also brought many established casts to offer workshops to the local cast.

On top of 3 festival selections, SAMSREC Production has recently won the Gold Wards for International Independent Film Awards for the student film called “Rirhandzu”.



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