How Modjadji’skloof Photographer Tells Stories from the Sky


MODJADJISKLOOF-Steven Shulman (28), also known as ‘the flying photographer’, is famous for his trademark low altitude aerial photography.

His images from the skies effortlessly convey the beauty of Tzaneen, but for Shulman who has been capturing the breath-taking images for three years is just a hobby.

Picture supplied: The aerial view of Tzaneen Dam Taken by Steven Shulman

Speaking to Tzaneen voice he said “My family own a company called Pro Shock Fencing, we do electric fencing and gate motors. So, this flying and page named Air Born is only a hobby and for the love of aviation”

Shulman’s tool for getting these aerial shots is his ‘ microlight’ It is “the lightest powered aircraft in the world, a motorised hang glider,” he explains.

Picture Supplied: Microlight’ It is “the lightest powered aircraft in the world, a motorised hang glider.

It’s essentially a seat, a sail, a tank of gas, a propeller, and him. you need a national pilot’s license to fly one. And it gives him a different perspective on places he relishes.

“I developed a passion for aviation, and want to share the beauty of Tzaneen and the area to as many people as possible. I just want to share everything I see from above with everyone so they can also experience the beauty of our area” #TzaneenVoice

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