How Lenyenye Born Doctor is Building a medical Empire, One Community at a Time


CAPE TOWN- Shocking as it may be in this day and age, women Doctors are still a rarity. Black women who own and run, not one, but two practices, are even rarer. Dr. Mathobela Matjekane is one such unicorn, and she’s bringing quality health services to the communities she practices in.

Dr. Mathobela Matjekane (40) is a highly trained medical doctor turned entrepreneur and she is the kind of woman we absolutely stan. A passionate health practitioner who has always known since childhood that she wanted to become a Doctor.

The mother of two is behind a Cape Town-based CliniMed, a private health care facility which offers Primary Health Care, Dental Health Care, Wellness Programmes, Optometry as well as Aesthetic Solutions.

Born and raised by a professional nursing Mother and insurance broker, Father, at Lenyenye.

After completing her High School tenure at Motse Maria Secondary School, she moved to the big city to enroll for tertiary in Cape Town.

Matjekane obtained her Bachelor of Medicine and Bachelor of Surgery (MBChB) from the University of Cape Town (UCT), a Diploma in HIV Management at the College of Medicine and later a Certificate in Aesthetic Management from the American Academy of Aesthetic

Her parents have established entrepreneurs in their own right after they had decided to leave their thriving careers to begin their separate business entities.

Dr. Mathobela’s mother left her professional nursing career to open a clothing factory while her father left the Financial Services industry to open a mini supermarket.

The Cape Town-based businesswoman’s stint in public health care as a senior medical practitioner inspired her to move to embark on building CliniMed.

“The saying ‘an apple doesn’t fall far from its tree’ seemed to have applied in my life. My parents played a very important role in our upbringing. I followed the same footstep, driven by my passion to help people, empower them, and make a difference in the community through my private practice” says Matjekane.

CliniMed is equipped to provide professional, personal medical treatment to the patients under its care, improving the general health of the diverse communities in which it works.

Over the years it has expanded to three practices operating in Khayelitsha, Mandalay (Mitchell’s Plain), and Parklands.

Its services include optometry and aesthetic solutions. Dr. Mathobela says, “there has been a growing demand for aesthetic solutions. People have become conscious of their appearance and looks, that is why I decided to branch into aesthetics, offering a range of treatments such as cosmetic injectables, IV drips, treatments of acne, pigment, scarring, sunburns, wrinkles, etc”

She adds that the facilities are run by medical doctors and assisting staff that has lots of experience

Her message to young people who want to pursue a career in medicine is  “You have to be passionate about this as it requires so much studying, self-development, and reinvention in what you offer. No one comes to healthcare facilities for fun. It’s daunting, painful, and often overwhelming. Our job is to create a safe space and healing methods and remedies”

We Salute your Sesi Mathobela, in this women’s month, we celebrate your success because we know that your story will inspire lots of women in Mopani. #mopaniwomen50

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