Health officials arrested for selling ARVs


By Staff Reporter

POLOKWANE-Limpopo health worker has been arrested for selling ARVs.

A Data Capturer attached to the Bela Bela Clinic was arrested on Thursday after an investigation by the police found him with boxes of ARV which he was caught trying to sell to an undocumented foreign national of Nigerian descent.

The Limpopo Department of Health spokesperson Neil Shikwambana welcomes the arrest and views it as a breakthrough against rogue elements in the department, which cause shortages of medication, which affect community members badly.

“Considering that illegal foreign nationals are also eligible to receive any form of medication in our facilities,  we can only believe that perhaps these pills were being used to manufacture illegal drug substances which are a huge challenge to the youth of Bela Bela. “ he said

“The department will work with the police to ensure that anyone who is implicated in these horrendous acts of theft is arrested and incarcerated accordingly” concluded Shikwambana.

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