Hackers crack Ramaphosa’s personal details


By Thabo Monyela

SOUTH AFRICA- President Cyril Ramaphosa has just fallen victim of cyber-attacks, after a hacking group known as ‘SpiderLog$ hacked into his personal information.

According to Sunday Times publication, the hackers breached Ramaphosa personal information from the financial loan he took out with one of the country’s top four banks in the 2000s.

SpinderLog hackers managed to crack President’s important personal information such as details of where he lives, his I.D and cell phone number and revealed them to the public.

The dangerous hackers didn’t not only dispose Ramaphosa personal information, they also hacked on his government such as Military department, which in times of publishing could not be reached to solicit comments on what these hackers might have tempered with.

In 2021 Amnesty International reported that President Ramaphosa was amongst 14 world leaders whose cell numbers may have been hacked in a leaked database forms part of the Pegasus project.

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