GTM secure interdict against SAMWU strikers

TZANEEN- In a statement the Greater Tzaneen Municipality says The management of the Greater Tzaneen Municipality is moving the organization towards compliance with the laws of the land after years on non-compliance in certain aspects.
Management is resolute in putting to rest non-adherence to Collective Agreements, Municipal Systems Act and the Labour Relations Act amongst others.
Government in the past used to allow employees to sell their leave days irrespective whether they applied to take leave or not.  With the changes which came in 1994 when the new dispensation was brought about, the practice of selling leave days was changed, more control measures were brought in to ensure prudent use of public resources.
According to GTM Spokesperson Neville Ndala “The Greater Tzaneen Municipality has unfortunately been stuck with the practices of the past with regard to encashment of leave days despite the Collective Agreements which should have ensured that public resources are used prudently”
He continued by saying “As a way of finally curtailing the bad practices of the past, management announced through a circular in July 2020 that the Collective Agreement on Salary increment of 6,25% will be honoured and that encashment of leave will be done in line with the Main Collective Agreement reached at the South African Local Government Bargaining Council between the SALGA, which the employer party to which the Greater Tzaneen Municipality is a member and, IMATU and SAMWU which are employee parties. To this effect, management also aligned administrative practices to ensure that compliance with the Main Collective Agreement is realized”
SAMWU shop stewards expressed displeasure with the move to comply with the Main Collective Agreement. The matter was discussed with them on several occasions, however they disagree with implementation of the Main Collective Agreement, instead they want a Municipal Council resolution/policy which is not keeping with the Collective Agreement to be continued with. Municipal Council policy is rendered null and void in the light of the Main Collective Agreement, Labour Relations Act and the Municipal Systems Act.
Management has a fiduciary responsibility and must ensure the laws of the land are complied with hence realignment of municipal practices. To continue with the old leave encashment practices is not only non-compliance but it robs the residents of Greater Tzaneen Municipality of services which we should render using resources which are otherwise channeled to employees. This threatens to turn the institution into a self- service instead of a public service.
Management has sought advice from the employer body, SALGA, regarding its position on the encashment of leave, of which they are in agreement.
SAMWU is currently embarking in strike about this matter although they conveniently do not indicate the real reason for their action because they are party to the Collective Agreement as indicated. Therefore, their concerns regarding encashment of leave does not warrant a strike.
“Conceding to the demand of SAMWU not to implement the Collective Agreement will be in breach of such agreement and legislation. Management will not be coerced to continue with wrong things which have taken place over a long period of time. Instead, management is committed to make real change for the betterment of the institution and the Greater Tzaneen Municipality at large”
As party to the Bargaining Council, SAMWU is urged to respect its decisions the statement concluded

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