GTM alerts residents to avoid crossing flooded roads and swollen streams as disruptive rain leads to localised flooding and municipal services


By Staff Reporter

TZANEEN-The South African Weather Service forecasts continuous rainfall in our area until the weekend. This prolonged period of rain may lead to potential emergencies and challenges in parts of the municipality.

We are closely monitoring the situation and will provide further updates as necessary. We appeal for your understanding and cooperation in ensuring the safety and well-being of all residents.

This rainstorm will most likely affect our road network, electricity, and water distribution. Our response time to service disruptions will also be impacted due to these harsh weather conditions and increased service disruptions.

In case of any emergency or disaster-related concerns, residents are advised to their ward councillors or report to Mr Michael Rabothata (Senior Disaster Officer) at 072 6577 663 or Mr Bernard Ntloana (Disaster Officer) at 078 9766 090.

Precautionary Measures during these storms:

Avoid unnecessary travel during heavy rainfall.

Avoid crossing flooded roads and swollen streams

Where rising water levels are observed, move to high-ground

Do not go fishing or play golf (fishing rods and golf clubs are good conductors of electricity.)

Avoid low-lying roads and bridges.

Do not seek shelter under trees or tall objects.

Secure loose objects and ensure proper drainage around your property.

Community Cooperation: We urge the community to remain vigilant and cooperate with local authorities during this weather event. Your safety is our priority, and your cooperation is essential to ensure a coordinated response to any emergencies that may arise.

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