Greater Letaba’s uncollected rubbish causes huge irritation for residents

By Theodorah Mawasha
KGAPANE-residents of Tshabela Mmatswale village in Kgapane are angry that refuse has still not been collected. It is understood that due to a lack of trash receptacles and lenient laws, residents throw waste wherever they see an open space.
The pictures depict a clear narrative of the problem most rural communities across the country are dealing with. Meanwhile, some residents have resorted to digging holes in their backyards to avoid this problem, some simply throw out their garbage carelessly.
Martha Radimpe, a community member has made several attempts to engage with neighbors to put an end to this problem, however, her efforts and pleas have fallen on deaf ears “The waste you see in the pictures is at my front gate. When it rains the diapers are washed by water into my yard. I hardly eat because of the smell. Can our ward 3 councilors please intervene” she pleaded.
The concerned resident further said that the road had become infested with flies and maggots and this has a huge impact on the environment and the health of the residents. She pleaded with other community members to create a culture of cleaning their surroundings and to have stricter laws.
According to the Greater Letaba, communications officer Lovers Maenetja said the municipality is aware of the problem. “It is shocking to see people still throw out garbage anywhere like this when we have dispatched big waste bins in all rural villages in Mopani district,” Maenetja mentioned. He further said that there is a program for waste collection that will assist the community members. “We are also busy with a project called cleaning awareness campaign, to educate people about the advantages of having clean environments. Although we are going to help them, people must make use of the services provided to them responsibly. They must rest assured. We will help them,” she stated

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