Greater Letaba Municipality To Build A Bridge Connecting Two Villages

By Theodorah Mawasha 
MOKWASELE- The residents of Mokwasele and Ga-Rabothata village in the Greater Letaba Municipality are restricted with freedom of movement.
This comes after the river that connects the two villages was flooded during the week-long heavy rainstorms in the area.
This caused residents traveling via the bridge to and from work to seek help from the local Municipality.
According to residents, the GLM promised them that the problem will be resolved, unfortunately to date the problem has not been solved.
The community members say they have requested an urgent meeting with the Municipality regarding the issue of the bridge. The meeting took place on Friday, February 11 whereby residents expressed their frustrations during the meeting.
A resident explained the challenges they are faced with, particularly with the restriction of movement.
“We have to take off shoes to be able to cross the river. Motorists take long routes to connect to the main road. The municipality workers wake up every morning and go to work. God only knows what they do in those offices. Our weapon is the ballot box.” said one community member
After engagements with the Municipality last Friday, the Municipality has listened to the resident’s grievances and therefore committed to build a low lying bridge.
The GLM delegates who were in attendance committed to starting with the construction of the bridge as soon as possible.
According to the GLM delegates, a contractor has already been identified. Employees under Expanded Public Works Programme (EPWP) will also assist in the project. The Municipality pledged to supply with material and resources for the smooth running of the project. Residents were also encouraged to come forth to ensure the project runs accordingly.

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