Greater Letaba Municipality Provides Update on Kgapane Pedestrian Bridge Progress


By Staff Reporter

KGAPANE– The Greater Letaba Municipality has provided an encouraging update on the progress of the Masakaneng Pedestrian Bridge in Kgapane, announcing that the project is nearing completion.

The Masakaneng Pedestrian Bridge, a significant infrastructure development, aims to provide a safe and convenient crossing for residents, particularly during flood seasons when accessibility becomes a critical concern.

The bridge will enable easier and safer passage to surrounding areas, enhancing connectivity and improving daily commutes for the local community.

According to municipal officials, the construction has progressed smoothly, with key milestones achieved on schedule. “We are pleased to announce that the Masakaneng Pedestrian Bridge is nearing completion.

This project represents a vital improvement in the safety and accessibility for our residents,” stated Greater Letaba Municipality.

The bridge has been designed to withstand harsh weather conditions, ensuring that it remains operational even during heavy rains and floods, which have previously posed significant challenges to the community. Once completed, the bridge will not only facilitate safer crossings but also promote economic activity by improving access to local businesses and services.

Residents have expressed their anticipation and relief at the nearing completion of the bridge. For many, the new infrastructure will significantly reduce the risks associated with crossing flood-prone areas, which have been a longstanding concern.

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