Greater Letaba Municipality Doing Damage Control to houses and roads damaged by heavy rain

By Theodorah Mawasha 
KGAPANE-Residents lost their valuables after some parts of Mopani District was affected by heavy rainfalls last Wednesday, January 06.
The rain left many houses and roads destroyed. For many residents, cleaning up and repairing their homes after rain has become a norm. Meanwhile, the residents of Greater Letaba Municipality commended the municipality for stepping up to assist with the situation.
A resident, of home 2000, Mohale Sethaba said “My garage is flooded, the outside wall has also been destroyed.I am happy the municipality responded promptly when we asked for help”. Another resident, Phillip Modika who also had water ravage at his home also expressed concern as the water had destroyed furniture in his house. “I am so tired of cleaning up. The mud water is filthying my furniture and carpet. I’m exhausted. Every time it rains, I can’t sleep, ” he said.
The GLM comminications manager, Lovers Maenetja stated that people must refrain from buying illegal stands. Most of this places are low lying areas and pose a health hazard. “We had an incident of a child being swept away by water previously because people build their houses in wrong areas. We will help where we can, however, we cannot get to everyone at the same time. We do encourage people to make use of municipal services provided for them,” she concluded.

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