Grade 10 learner commits suicide after being allegedly bullied by teacher in Bolobedu


By Theodorah waga Mawasha

GA-NTATA VILLAGE-A high school situated at Ga-Ntata village in the heart of Bolobedu, has suffered a huge blow.

This comes after a grade 10 learner at Mashao High School committed suicide.

According to the victims sister Thabelo Mbedzi, the victim was found in her room on Monday morning with no signs of life.

It said that next to her lifeless body lay a suicide note detailing the reason she took her own life.

“We are devastated. My sister left a suicide note detailing the bullying she has been experiencing at school. We are really saddened because her classmates confessed the bullying by the headmaster, but, unfortunately she never reported the matter. The humiliation my sister had to endure in the classroom is incomprehensible and we demand action be taken against the educator”, she sobbed.

The 16 years old earner was identified as Mamaila Makhubela.

Tzaneen Voice contacted the school, however, the contact number registered is no longer in use.


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