Goat Gives Birth To ‘Human-like’ Baby Leaving Giyani Villagers Astonished


BASANI VILLAGE-As soon as the villagers heard the news of the human-like creature, they gathered together to get a good look at the animal’s dead body. When they saw the stillborn kid, they could not believe their eyes that something so bizarre could exist.

According Bolobedu Fm Reporter Tumelo Malaka, the kid was stillborn but its resemblance to a human offspring has left many people at Basani Village in Greater Giyani feeling astonished. The reports add that the baby goat was born with human-like features – its eyes, nose and mouth looked like a man’s but its ears were like a goat.

Women in the area are alleging that this might be results of the men drinking traditional beer in the area and attempting to rape goats. Some women were furious saying those who might have committed such act should avail themselves for a treat instead of resorting to this kind of conduct

The three Indunas of the village were called to witness this incident, and were presented with a shocking view of the above picture. People flocked as far as nearest villages were flocking the area to take picture of the human like creature. #Tzaneenvoice

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