Glitz and Glamour Was the Highlight During the Be Woman Gala Lunch


TZANEEN- A Day of glitz, glamour and colour awaited everyone when they entered the Fairview Hotel in Tzaneen at the Be Woman Gala Lunch on Saturday.

Business women, Entrepreneurs, and Phenomenal Women were given an opportunity to network and flourish during an event filled with laughter, inspiration and life lessons.

The main purpose of the event was to donate to an orphanage. The elegant woman also exhibited their business at the event.

Munghana Lonene fm presenter and producer, Rooitjie M as she is affectionately known was the Master of Ceremony and created a humorous atmosphere.

The event organiser, Sheena Dee was overwhelmed with the affection people showered her. She explained the purpose of the event, “We adopted Holy family care centre as our charity for 2021, with the aim to offer a helping hand through this event.”

A representative from Holy family, Maropene Ruby Makgoba mentioned that the Centre was founded in 2002 with the aim of taking care of women, abandoned children and orphans. “We now can accommodate about 70 women and children. We also have adoptable children from new born to teenagers,” she stated.

Speaking during the event, Maud Mazibuko, a professional nurse touched on women’s health. “I advise woman to practice safe sex and avoid multiple partners because it’s some of the causes of cervical cancer,” she said.

Mazibuko also advised the elderly woman to always engage teenagers on sex topics and advise them to delay sexual intercourse.

Meanwhile, Dr Maganong Pamela Agnes Mashego gave a talk on motherhood, explaining about child development, brain functioning, cognitive and personal care.

BE A WOMAN : Gala Lunch a resounding Success

“A mother should not only mother her own children but be a mother to all children especially in your community, spend time with children and play with them.  Always mind your language when you’re around children because they learn fast,”she explained.

Patience Mageza outlined on mental health during the event. She stated that mental health matters a lot because a brain is a driving force in the body. “Let us report Gender-based violence and try not to be victims.  We must make our mental health to be where it must be despite our circumstances,” she said.

Mageza condemned the pull her down syndrome.  “Women can depress each other a lot, stop that and be supportive and take care of another woman,”she stated.

Unleashing beaty during the event,  Konanani Makhuvha,  advised the phenomenal woman to take care of their beauty because when you look good, you feel good.

Miss Teen Universe SA Finalist 2022, Kamogelo Makgoto graced the event and showed case her modeling skills. The 16-year- old professional model with seven years’ experience asked for support in her modeling career.  “I want to help other young girls who are passionate like me, please vote for me by sending an Sms to 35959 with my name,” she pleaded.

Azwihangwisi Mashau, a dietician explained that a person is what they eat. “Woman should start investing in their health, what you eat matters a lot. Eat healthy and you will be healthy and your skin will glow,” Mashau said.

Another inspirational talk was rendered by Pheladi Kgatla who shared her personal lessons about looking bold but screaming inside. Her talk left the audience in silence and some even shedding tears as they could relate to her story. She encouraged the audience to also speak up and not bottle things inside. “Being bareness doesn’t make you half a woman, you are still a conplete woman, embrace yourself and be confident. Mother in laws must learn to treat their daughters in law with respect and love and not humiliate them, “she shared.

Fuggy Makgoba advised the crowd to spend wisely. “Let’s teach our children to save money from a young age, also take out funeral policies that will best suit your needs,”Makgoba advised.

Hearing Pastor Siyani Marima on spiritual power and how God communicate with her in her dreams left the audience amused and spiritual. She shared the word of God and Bible scriptures.

The event host thanked all the speakers and sponsors.  Each woman received a gift bag as a token of appreciation. “We are truly blessed with amazing support and sponsors,” Sheena Dee concluded.

The woman of class was entertained with music during the event and they all ascended to the dance floor to showcase their dance moves.

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