Ga-Mamaila Shoprite Usave Selling Expired Food

By Thabo Monyela 
GA-MAMAILA- The Shoprite-Usave at Ga-Mamaila under Greater Letaba Municipality, sold 3 days expired yoghurt to the customers on December 24, 2020.
According to the customer who hails from Lomondekop outside Sekgosese, he was sold expired yoghurt and realised that after his 5 year- old daughter, started feeling sick immediately after eating them. On December 26, 2020, he went back to the store to lay a grievous complaint to the manager.
“I went back to the store and laid a complain to the manager, who admitted the negligence for keeping expired Yoghurt on the shelves and further apologised for the harm caused to my child ” the customer informed Tzaneen voice.
The concerned customer requested the Ga-Mamaila Usave to take his child to the hospital and the manager, Letta Lefoko, promised to refer the matter to her superiors and will get back to the customer.

EXPIRED: Parmalat products that was bought by the customer on the 24 December.

After watching his daughter’s health deteriorates further due to the expired yoghurt, the customer took the child to the doctor. While at the doctor, the Ga-Mamaila Usave manager called the customer to inform him that her superiors found the store guilty of negligence and will therefore pay for medical bills of the child subject to the medical report.
“I took the medical report to the manager on December 30, 2020, and was assured that I will be refunded all the costs, including the money I purchased the danones with,” the customer said.
According to the medical report by THEM MED CARE dated December 29, 2020, which Tzaneen voice has seen, the child was declared to be in an inflammatory state with a soft but not tender abdomen after the admission of food poisoning through eating expired food.
He further informed the publication that, ever since December 30, 2020, he never heard anything from the manager or the retail store.
When Tzaneen voice contacted the retail store manager, she refused to comment on the matter.

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