Funeral of the initiate who died at initiation school is underway at Makhurupetji village in Bolobedu


By Theodorah Waga Mawasha

MAKHURUPETJI-The initiate who died at an initiation school in Setlaleng village, Bolobedu, Greater Letaba, identified as Thabo Sedutla (8), will be laid to rest today, July 03, at Makhurupetji village.

It was reported earlier in the week that the victim died at the initiation school due to being chronic epileptic. His family has however backtracked and distanced themselves from the statement released by CoGHSTA. The victim’s family has refuted the findings made by the report that the victim was epileptic. The mother, Eunice Sedutla, said that the victim was not sick. Moreover, she never consented to her child to be initiated because he was underage. Furthermore, she claimed that the victim was abducted.

Allegedly, the uncle of the victim is believed to have been the one who registered him because he was his guardian and stayed with him. It is alleged further that, once at the school, the deceased’s age was declared and the uncle was backlashed. The uncle is alleged to have insisted that, it was his family tradition to partake in the traditional practice at a young age hence the victim was never turned away.

In the statement that was released by CoGHSTA, it was revealed that the school had been closed down, that the caregivers and surgeons were suspended. This is however not true. Tzaneen voice has established that the school is still in operation and the leader has opened multiple other schools in and around Bolobedu, accepting underage boys.

The case is under Bolobedu police station for further investigation.

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