From Cleaner to CEO: Humble beginning of Kgapane born Entrepreneur


By Theodorah Mawasha

KGAPANE – Edward Moshole is by far one of the most inspiring and successful stories to emerge out of Bolobedu.

Edward is the owner and founder of Chemfresh, cleaning detergent, and a disinfectant company.

Born and bred in Ga-Kgapane, Los mycherrie, he went to Mamatlepa, WM Kgatla primary and Modubatse high school respectively, which are local schools.

Growing up life wasn’t easy for Edward , as he was from a poor family and that impacted so much on his studies.

“My school days were very difficult because I grow up without parents and I did not have parental support from an early age”

His life changed when he moved to Cape Town to live with his brother. He says the move woke him up.

When he was interviewed by Forbes Magazine he told them that:

‘Getting a job as a cleaner at Enterprise changed my life; them giving me the boots and overalls and saying ‘here, clean’. I could feel in my heart I wanted to be something more,” he told Forbes magazine.

In 1999 while working as a cleaner, he noticed a business opportunity.

“I started this business with only R68 in my pocket. I saw the gap in the business and bought detergents and disinfectants which I sold to my friends”

Today we supply people all over South Africa and other neighboring countries” boasts Moshole.

From Cleaner to CEO: Humble beginning of Kgapane born Entrepreneur

His breakthrough came in 2006 when one of the giant supermarkets Pick ‘n Pay stocked his products in bulks and put them on their shelves. Needless to say, today he is more of a partner than a supplier.

Asked what his achievements are, Edward humbly responded “For me, achievement doesn’t come in the form of awards. It is being recognized for what you do by the people you serve in your community, being commended for it, and doing what you do well and passionately.

My wife and I have opened our home garage for members of our community to buy and sell our products. We supply 16 people around Bolobedu, most of whom are social grant beneficiaries and the response thus far has been great. I also sponsor Mr. and Mrs. Kgapane pageants from time to time. My goal is to work with the South African government to empower the most vulnerable to get opportunities”.

“In honor of women’s month, we run a program in Tzaneen, where we gather people and share our stories with them to inspire them. However, due to lockdown regulations, we, unfortunately, could not proceed this year.”

Edward’s motto “Do what you can with what you have wherever you are”

From Cleaner to CEO: Humble beginning of Kgapane born Entrepreneur

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