Freak Storm wreaks havoc in Ga-Sekororo and some parts of Maruleng Manucipality


By Staff Reporter

GA-SEKORORO-Large parts of Ga-Sekororo and surrounding areas under Maruleng municipality were devastated by bad weather on Monday night.

The storm saw huge, tennis ball-sized hailstones shatter roofs and destroy properties including power infrastructure.

Preliminary report suggests that several houses, trees, power lines and cars are affected in many parts of Maruleng local Municipality.

Motorists are being urged to take extra caution on the roads as the inclement weather has been wreaking havoc since earlier.

No fatalities or injuries have been reported at this stage but according to the ward 14 councillor Taola Shai the disaster teams have been deployed in different areas following a freak storm.

All affected residents report are urged to report to their ward committees or ward Cllr for disaster management to intervene.

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