Four Initiation School Caregivers Die in a Car accident in Kgapane


By Theodorah waga Mawasha

GA-KGAPANE- Five caregivers travelling from an initiation school were allegedly involved in a car accident along the Shedila road, outside Kgapane, Greater Letaba, at about 8pm on Friday, July 1.

As a result, four died and one suffered severe injuries. Their bodies were discovered by a passer-by who immediately informed the police, on Saturday, July 2 at around 6am.

The victims are all believed to be from Ga-Rapitsi village.

It is reported that the car the victims were traveling in had five people in transit. Four of the occupants are reported to have succumbed to their injuries and died on the scene while the fifth victim was assessed and transported to Letaba hospital and is said to be in a critical condition.

According to police reports, the men were allegedly intoxicated and were traveling from the initiation school when their driver lost control of the car, veered off the road and plunged into a river.

Modjadjiskloof police station media liaison officer, Sergeant Vincent Montsha confirmed the incident.

“We have opened an inquest docket. More details pertaining to the cause of the accident will be revealed after investigations are completed”, Montsha stated.

The four victims whose names have been withheld by the police will be buried in Ga-Rapitsi village, Bolobedu, on Saturday July 09.

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