Former municipal manager delivers a dignified initiation school


By Thabo Monyela

MAKABA VILLAGE- The former Mopani District Municipal Manager and CFO Quiet Kgatla delivered a culturally dignified ‘koma’ of 143 initiates on Friday, July 22.

Even though it was his first-time experience, Kgatla was hailed by many parents and care-givers gathered at Kha-Makhalangake for hosting an initiation school that upheld the true tradition of ‘koma’.

The former MDM Municipal Manager initiated 143 initiates at the mountains of Kgwe Kgwe in Bolobedu south for a full 5 weeks.

Kgatla said he can’t deny the fact that initiation schools are about business, but to him it was entirely about upholding the tradition of ‘Koma’

” You can’t cover all activities of ‘Koma’ in 3 or 4 weeks, you need at least 5 weeks to fully teach these children the traditions of ‘koma’ and allow them to heal properly as they don’t come alright at the same time.

” The longer they stay, the better. Am happy that parents won’t have to take their children to hospitals for treatments as they would have been properly healed and initiated” Kgatla said.

He further said another reason to extend his ‘koma’ by a week was to give parents enough time to get the required initiation fee.

During the welcoming ceremony at Kha-Makhalangake tavern in Mokaba Village, each initiate was showered with a case of beer and full chicken, the alcohol was for a care-giver (bathapi) and full chicken was for the initiates.

Kgatla said this move was made to lighten the welcoming of every initiate to home, because some parents could be struggling to afford to buy these things after they paid for the initiation fee.

He further stated that he took R300s from the R2300 of the initiation fees to make a provision for the cases of beer quarts and full chickens for each initiate to carry with them when they go home.

Kgatla said he was happy on how his ‘koma’ went and will gladly host another one in the next season of initiation schools.

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