Five learners hospitalised after consuming ‘space cakes’ at Khujwana Village


By Staff Reporter

KHUJWANA VILLAGE-The Limpopo Department of Education has expressed concern after several pupils were hospitalised after consuming cannabis-laced edibles.

Department spokesperson Tidimallo Chuene said 5 pupils from Matimu High School at Khujwana Village under Greater Tzaneen were rushed to medical facilities on Tuesday, June 7 after they fell ill during school hours.

“We have a report confirming that no less than five learners from the school had to be taken to nearby health facility for medical attention on 07 June 2022, after reportedly eating food that is suspected to have made them sick,” Said Chuene. ”

It is alleged that  the learners started to hallucinate inside the classroom and they were immediately rushed to the hospital

The affected learners have been released from hospital.” She Confirmed

The disturbing news comes just weeks after the school organised substance abuse awareness campaign in trying to highlight dangers of drugs and alcohol abuse in May.

It is expected that the School Governing Body will meet to discuss the matter.

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