Family terrified by metres-long snake in the yard


By Mpho Modiba

PHALABORWA-A family in Phalaborwa was shocked to find a giant snake casually slithering around their back garden on Monday night.

The owner of the house Anna Ngongo resides at

at Bosvleir Street near the Army flats on Monday night around 08h30 spotted the python — which can exceed one metre long — and quickly ran inside to call the local snake handlers.

Phalaborwa SPCA immediately responded to the call arrived at the house and collected the snake out of the yard on its way to the street.

Anna Ngongo the owner of the house thanked the organisation for their immediate response to the incident which could have led to a serious disaster had they not responded.

She appealed to  Ba-Phalaborwa Municipality to remove bushes in the area as it has become a resting place for snakes.


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