Eviction Of Farm Dwellers at Addington Farm Leaves them Hopeless and Desperate

By Thabo Monyela 
TZANEEN -The eviction of farm dwellers is common in many farms of South Africa by either the local authorities or farm owners. The residents of Addington farm commonly known as Ga-Mahloma are on the verge of being evicted by the farm owner Freddie Osmosis, while some have been evicted already. Some of these residents have been staying at the farm from 1958 till date.
Freddie Osmosis bought the farm from Julius Mahloma in 2001, The farm dwellers were not paying any rent until 2010. As of now ,the residents are paying R330.00 for rental that has no window glasses and has a leakage roofing.
FARM OWNER: Freddie Osmosis
The community residence of Ga-Mahloma have no electricity, no proper shelter and are drinking contaminated water, denied a freedom of religion and are barred from using the sporting field under the DA led ward 14 of Greater Tzaneen municipality. 
In 2017, the farm owner started to demolish the residents’ graves to plant crops and in 2020 around March he further demolished their houses in an attempt to evict the residents.
Tzaneen voice has learnt that, A case of Malicious damage of property has been opened against the farm owner Osmosis at Tzaneen Police station.
“Will he pay for the graves and tombstones that he is demolishing? This farm is not his, it belongs to the Sekhula family,” Grace Mashau said, a resident who has been staying at the farm since 1959.
It is alleged that the reason the farmer wants to evict these people, is because he wants to further his farming project at their place of residence that they have been staying for many decades.
According to the Extension of Security of Tenure Act (ESTA), ” it allows those who have lived on the farm for more than 10 years and are over 60 years old or unable to work due to disability to stay on the farm for the rest of their lives “
According to Strike Motloutsi, ward committee of ward 14, said they’re trying their level best to stop this eviction. “We tried to involve the municipality, provincial government, Land Affairs, Human rights commission and Community Development to intensify our attempt to stop this illegal eviction,” Motloutsi explained. 
He further said, the farm is under the relief program of Mopani district, meaning that the farm dwellers are receiving food parcels monthly.
Many of these farm dwellers are reluctant to give up their homes, because have no where to go since the farm has always been their home.
NOT READY TO GIVE UP: Farm dwellers’ house
Under the Extension of Security of Tenure Act, “the farm dwellers of Ga- Mahloma have a right to be given an alternative accommodation if are to be evicted”
Agnes Ramasega who has been staying in the farm for 63 years expressed the hurt she feels because they don’t want to go, because they have been staying there their entire lives.”Our parents and grandparents are buried here, we are pleading with the government or anyone to assist us,” Ramasega concluded.
It alleged that the farm owner has a record history of disrespecting the black people and he is even called Makiller.

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