Economic Freedom Fighters in Mopani open a case against Greater Letaba Municipality


By Theodorah waga Mawasha

KGAPANE-The Economic Freedom Fighters in Mopani District, have opened a case against Greater Letaba Municipality over the alleged disappearance of funds from the municipality’s coffers amounting to over R50, 000 000.

The case was opened at Bolobedu Police station on March 14.

According to EFF, there were discrepancies picked up in a report drafted by Auditor General pertaining to financial mismanagement, non-adherence to procurement processes, and poor record-keeping practices at the institution.

These allegations levelled against the municipality come at a time when the country is preparing to go to the polls for national elections in April.

Party member Peter Mabulana said that it is rather unfortunate that they had to take the legal route.

“It is unfortunate, but, we hope that justice will be served and those responsible for the disappearance of the funds will be held liable. Theft is a criminal offense, more so, we are talking about tax payers’ money which should’ve been allocated accordingly and used for service delivery”.

“The outcome of the case will determine if any individuals or entities were responsible for the financial mismanagement. If sufficient evidence is found, charges will be brought against those responsible and steps will be taken to recover the funds. We as the EFF believe in a corrupt free government. That is what propelled us to take up action and open this case”, Mabulana explained.

Municipal spokesperson Lovers Maenetje refuted the claims in a statement, however, no response has been forthcoming.


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