Dr Sophy’s Fifth Album, “Yaduba Gaza,” Captivates Fans


By Staff Reporter

MALAMULELE-The fifth album by traditional healer Vulani Sophy Chauke, better known as Dr Sophy, has been met with enthusiasm and praise by fans of Xitsonga traditional music.

Titled “Yaduba Gaza,” the album was released last month and features 14 tracks, including standout songs such as “Wena Byala,” “Pfula Volume,” and “Happy Birthday.”

Dr Sophy, a resident of Mphakati village in the Malamulele area, is not only a singer and composer but also a producer. Her talent has significantly contributed to the musical projects of numerous artists, many of whom have gone on to win prestigious music awards.

Reflecting on her musical journey, Dr Sophy said, “I am from a musical family, so I have been a musician all my life.”

The success of her latest album is a testament to her dedication and skill. “The new album is doing very well. My fans really love my music because it always guides, teaches, and comforts them in different situations,” Dr Sophy explained.

She added that her album is considered a master collection by those who appreciate and understand Xitsonga music beats and rhythms.

“All I do is create the music, and the people’s response is something that makes me feel happy,” she continued. “I love to see that my music is appreciated by many people from different cultural backgrounds. It also gladdens my heart to see that people still buy my music in this time of a high rate of piracy.”

Since her musical debut in 2020, Dr Sophy has focused on Xitsonga traditional music. Her latest album is a culmination of various tracks, each meticulously crafted to take listeners on a soul-stirring musical journey.

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