DR RAMOTHWALA: As Young People We Must Believe in Ourselves, Our Dreams and work Hard to Achieve Them


By Agreement Mabunda

BOCHABELA VILLAGE – “I grew up in a very big family that is why I enjoy being around people’’. Dr Mikia Michael Masekamane Ramothwala (32), well known as Dr Mike Ramothwala was born and raised in Bochabela Village, between Giyani and Kgapane, in Tzaneen. Ramothwala is from a very big family and he is the middle child.

Dr Ramothwala is currently a Clinical Manager at Letaba Hospital. Dr Ramothwala showed an interest in science from an early age. His interest in medical science developed over the years when he used to accompany his late grandmother, Elsie Malatji in the clinic and that is where he decided that after completing matric, he wants to pursue a career in Medical Science.

“Growing up, I used to accompany my late grandmother to get her chronic medication and I got fascinated by the work that the nurses there were doing. So from a very young age I knew that I either wanted to be a nurse or a doctor”, he said.

Apart from his interest, just like everyone, Dr Ramothwala was also influenced to become a doctor by his lecturers while he was still persuing his studies at the University of Cape Town.

“ My strongest influencers have been my varsity lecturers who made me fall in love with different aspects of medicine and recently our current MEC of Health in Limpopo, Dr. Phophi Ramathuba”, he said.

He further said, “ Dr Phophi Ramathuba inspired me by how hard she works to improve our healthcare system, as we all know it has many challenges”.

Dr Ramothwala made it till he becomes a young Clinical Manager in 2017 and he is most proud of accomplishing that.

“I am proud of being appointed as the youngest Senior Clinical Manager at the age of 28”, he explained.

He has always wanted to improve something in health facilities. Becoming a Clinical Manager devoted him to look at all the services that they have started to offer at Letaba Hospital which were not there and he thinks as a Clinical Manager can add more specialised services like Renal Dialysis.

“in the near future we can be classified as a tertiary hospital”, he added.

To inspire young people, Dr. Ramothwala shares his motivations. “ it is very important to have positive role models and to learn from those who have achieved what you are trying to achieve”.

He added to say “ as young people, we must believe in ourselves, our dreams, and work hard to achieve them’’.

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