Donate and save a life

Donate and save a life


NAMAKGALE- Mpho Mogale (28) is a Namakgale man who has been living with obesity since childhood; he is pleading with people to assist financially in order to pay for his gastric bypass surgery to save his life. “My obesity problem became worse due to my heart problem which started when I was young. As a child I was not allowed to play outdoor activities let alone engage with other children because my parents feared my heart would give me problems while playing,” he explained. The unemployed Mogale who has no medical insurance, needs R400 000 for his surgery to be performed. He therefore asks for anyone willing and able, to lend their support to save him and make his dream a reality.

Mogale graduated with a Communications Degree from the University of Limpopo in 2014. According to Mogale, employment has become a stumbling block because of his condition. “Every time I walk into a room people’s facial expressions change, even in interview rooms I get different gestures, it doesn’t matter how I do in the interview, the panel already concluded that I will not be able to do the work because of my weight,” he added. Being awarded as the best communications student in 2012, those are some of the things that should propel him to get jobs but he is also part of the unemployment rate in the country.

Besides movement being a challenge because of his weight, life has been tough and lonely for Mogale. The obesity condition has meant that the community has rejected him; people avoid him while children stare and laugh. Most of the time, when one is suffering from obesity, people start to associate it with laziness and disability. “This is bad and the condition keeps escalating, I am pleading with anyone who can contribute financially to please do so,” he mentioned.

Any donation can be made into the following link:  OR use the following banking details:

Bank: Standard Bank
Account number: 10133802882
Account holder: Mogale EM

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