Disgruntled members protested outside Letaba Citrus processing offices over hiring of illegal foreign nationals


By Theodorah Waga Mawasha

NKOWANKOWA-A disgruntled group calling themselves Dan-Nkowankowa concerned group (DANKO) and South African National Civic Organization (SANCO) members protested outside Letaba Citrus Processing offices in Nkowankowa industrial, Greater Tzaneen on Tuesday, August 02.

The protesters cited that the company has “injustices” that stem from the employment of illegal immigrants. Furthermore, they claim that the company have been overlooking the locals when hiring.

A memorandum of demands was subsequently handed over to the company, demanding that all factories in Nkowankowa and LCP hire majority of the local residents.

Supplied: Local Police patrolling the area during the protests.

“We demand that the residents 60% from Nkowankowa, Dan, and Mokgolonoto villages respectively, and 30% of the neighbouring villages like muhlava, Burgesdordp, Peteanenge, Khujwana, Mariveni, and mafarana 10% of scares skills from qualified personnel”

Furthermore, the group demands that Danko labour desk be responsible to facilitate the employment process.

“No foreigner must be hired as general labour and Nkowankowa factories must pay competitive salaries to all labours as be government regulations”

Meanwhile other business owners took their complains to Tzaneen voice about the conduct of the protesters and alleging that SAPS did nothing to protect their businesses. They claim that their business vehicles were vandalised during the protest.

Business owners removing debris left by protesters

“I will appreciate you reporting on this “peaceful” protest. More so the demands are futile as they are not unionized. It’s all illegal and we are considering closing our business for good due to this happening since January this year. Business is so hard already post covid and we are already on our knees trying to keep our business going”

“It’s just not worth it now also being threatened by criminals. I won’t be held hostage in my own company” another man added”