Diepcity Actress Living Her Dream


By Thabo Monyela

GA-SEKORORO – Moshine “MO” Mametja affectionally known as “Aus Mary” at Mzansi Magic’s telenovela DiepCity, is one of South African’s most upcoming recognizable talents in the entertainment industry.

The 26-year-old actress, model, and presenter was born and raised in The Oaks, Ga-Sekororo under Maruleng municipality.

“Mo” has managed to solidify her name on TV through her debut character of Mary, who is feisty and talkative on the popular soapie. The outspoken actress has captured the hearts of many fans through her theatric skills, who longs to watch her on-screen every night.

Apart from being a dexterity actress, Moshine is a well-known model. In 2008, she entered Miss Maruleng and obtained the 2nd Princess prize and in 2009 she emerged as the 1st Princess ofMiss Oaks.

The multi-talented actress informed Tzaneen Voice that she was born as an entertainer who always made people smile.

“A lot of people used to be around me because I used to entertain them and used to be in front of the mirror to model for myself,” she said.

The talented actress dropped out while studying Auditing to pursue her dreams of obtaining a diploma in Drama at TUT Art Campus without the consent of her parents. It was back in 2016 where she came out as an actress during her first year in theatre.


PROUD PARENTS: “Mo” with her parents at her Graduation day

Talking to this publication, she says her mother criticized her for studying drama and questioned how she gonna make a living out of it.

“Drama is my calling and gift, I had to go through a lot of finding and self-journey to do what I love”, she said.

She said where she is today at DiepCity, is a dream come true, and is overwhelmed by the feeling of being a woman people can find inspiration from and look up to.

Reflecting on her character on DiepCity, she said Mary is a feisty woman who does not want to be stepped on her toes.

LIGHT,CAMERA&ACTION: “Mo” as Ausi Mary in DiepCity

Moshine Mametja has recently announced that she has entered Miss South Africa 2021 competition.

Catch Diepcity weekdays at 20H30 on Mzansi Channel 161.


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