Department of Sport, Arts, and Culture Publishes Covid-19 Relief Fund Beneficiaries List for 2020-2021


By Staff Reporter 

POLOKWANE-The Department of Sport, Arts, and Culture has released the list of beneficiaries for the Covid-19 relief fund for the 2020-2021 period.

This announcement was made by Minister Gayton McKenzie on Facebook on Wednesday morning, with the list being published at 10 am.

In his announcement, Minister McKenzie addressed the persistent concerns regarding funding distribution. “I have been inundated since my appointment as Minister of Sport, Arts, and Culture with allegations of non-funding for sportspeople and creatives,” he said. “We also have a panel of Super Fans, but the same people always go on global tours.

This is happening with funding and tenders. The President of South Africa did not appoint me to play games, I am here to transform things for the better. Let’s get the truth at 10 am,” he added.

The list, which is now available to the public through an online publication includes a wide range of recipients, from athletes and artists to cultural organizations and institutions. This comprehensive publication ensures transparency and accountability in the distribution of funds, addressing previous concerns of favoritism and inequity.

The Covid-19 pandemic had a profound impact on the sport, arts, and culture sectors, leading to significant disruptions and financial hardships. In response, the Department established the relief fund to provide crucial financial support to affected individuals and entities.

Minister McKenzie’s commitment to transparency is evident in this initiative, aiming to rebuild trust and ensure that financial aid reaches those in need. The public can view the full list of beneficiaries at

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