Department of Social Development is Hiring

The Department of Social Development is giving out Employment Stimulus Packages to people who run formal or informal Early Childhood Development Centers (ECDs).
In order to make sure all communities are supported, we are looking for young energised people to help find ECD practitioners in their communities and help them register and apply for the Employment Stimulus Package.
How you can help:
We are looking for compassionate and confident youth to help ECDs register on the Department of Social Development’s website for this Employment Stimulus Package, this will involve:
1. Finding ECD practitioners in your community. These are centers that look after kids aged between 3 months to 5 years of age.
2. Assisting ECD Practitioners to complete and submit their application online.
3. Supporting ECD Practitioners to collect all the supporting documents they need for the submission.
How you will be compensated
• When you are enrolled and trained as an enabler you will be given a unique code
• When an ECD practitioner submits their application, they are to include this code in their application form.
• You will be paid R400 for every application submission made up to a maximum of 10 applications (so you can make R4000).
What you will need to qualify:
• A web-enabled cellphone, tablet or laptop that you can operate – note: the application process happens on a zero-rated website so no data fees will be charged to you.
• Be comfortable with completing online applications.
• Have empathy, compassion and a love for people.
You will be trained on how to do this work and there is a Call Centre you can contact should you have any questions.
How to apply:
Click on any of the links below of the province you are from and currently reside in. You will need to be registered on to apply.
Closing Date:
Your application will be reviewed and if accepted, you will be notified by 16 February 2021.
Submit your application as soon as possible!
Note: You can start looking for the ECDs now while you wait for confirmation of selection.

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