DA Leader in Limpopo Refutes Allegations about exclusion of black Members to represent the party in the Limpopo Provincial Legislature


By Staff Reporter

POLOKWANE– Democratic Alliance (DA) leader in Limpopo, Lindy Wilson, has firmly refuted allegations that all four of the party’s representatives to the Limpopo Legislature are white. Addressing the concerns raised by the Conty Lebepe Foundation, Wilson clarified that Tiny Chidi, a PR councillor in the Polokwane municipality and a person of colour, is included in the list of representatives.

The controversy emerged after the Conty Lebepe Foundation disclosed that it had written a letter to the DA, the third-largest party in the province, following numerous calls expressing concern that only white members would occupy the four seats secured by the party in the provincial legislature after last week’s election.

Wilson assured the public that the DA’s representation is inclusive and reflective of the province’s diverse demographic. “Tiny Chidi will join me, Jacques Smalle, and Marie Helm in the legislature. This ensures that the people of Limpopo can rest assured that their representatives are there to serve the entire province, not any specific race,” Wilson stated.

During an interview on Capricorn Talk last night, Wilson expressed disappointment that a formal complaint had not been filed with the party at the national level. She emphasized that all candidates for the legislature and parliament underwent a thorough and impartial selection process managed by a neutral panel. “It’s unfortunate that misinformation is spreading, especially when our selection process is designed to be fair and representative,” she added.

Wilson’s comments come in response to the Foundation’s concerns, which highlighted the need for transparency and representation in the DA’s provincial appointments. The inclusion of Tiny Chidi, according to Wilson, is a testament to the party’s commitment to diversity and inclusivity.

As the DA navigates these allegations, Wilson’s reassurances aim to reinforce public confidence in the party’s dedication to fair representation and the rigorous processes in place to ensure that all voices in Limpopo are heard and represented.

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