DA in Limpopo raise concert about R5 Million Humulani culvert bridge


By Mpho Modiba

PHALABORWA-The democratic alliance councillor in Ba- Phalaborwa Municipality Cllr Bilias Ramothwalo says he is deeply concerned about Ba/Phalaborwa municipality mayor Merriam Malatji’s premature handover of culvert bridges between Humulani and Majeje without conducting a high risk assessment on 05 April 2024.

He says from the onset of this project the Municipal Public Accounts Committee (MPAC) raised concerns about the scope and specifications of the project.

Following oversight by MPAC to the bridge on 31 August 2023 there was consensus that the bridge was complete but the work unsatisfactory.

The bridge is too low for water to flow without obstruction during the rainy season which will result in flooding of the bridge. The bridge is also not tarred to protect the structure and safety barriers are too high or strong enough to prevent vehicles from plunging into the river.

According to Cllr Ramothwala, the bridge is a disaster waiting to happen.

“We have every reason to believe that the Mayor rushed to hand over the bridge to appease the community before upcoming elections on May 29.

Cllr Ramothwala further said he believes the cost of construction of the bridge was inflated to assist in showing a 100% spending of MIG grants by the municipality for the 2023/24 financial year.

“DA will submit detailed questions on this project including the costing, scope, the capacity of both the contractor and technical manager to preside over such projects and the reasons by the Mayor to hand the project contrary to council’s recommendations” Concluded

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