Crackdown on expired food and fake goods at Ba-Phalaborwa shops


By Mpho Modiba

Ba-Phalaborwa Municipality  LED-Business Registration Unit confiscated expired food from wholesalers and butcheries in Phalaborwa during their business operation registration in Phalaborwa town on Thursday, April 05.

The raids are part of a campaign in collaboration

with Mopani District Environmental Health Unit, Home Affairs Immigration Unit, SAPS, MDM Fire Unit, BPM Town Planning, and BPM Disaster & Building Sections.

Authorities seized expired baby formula, bread, mealie meal, tomato sauce, Koo baked beans and meat as well as pre-Rica’d SIM cards, cough syrup and snacks.

The multi-disciplinary task team focused on unlicensed businesses, businesses selling expired or illegal goods, those not meeting building and town planning requirements, and those employing undocumented immigrants.

The Ba Phalaborwa municipality  LED Business Registration Unit conducts these quarterly operations with their stakeholders to ensure compliance with regulations and business best practices.

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