Cops Search For 7 Suspects Behind Cash-In-Transit Heist In Nkowankowa


NKOWANKOWA -South African Police Service in Nkowankowa is still looking for seven suspects who robbed a security van of an undisclosed amount of cash on Monday.

The suspects who were armed to teeth with firearms that included, amongst others, automatic rifles, arrived at a petrol station at Bindzulani business Centre near Nkowankowa in Greater Tzaneen.

Eye witnesses told Tzaneen voice that the suspects were travelling in a Ford Ranger and a German-made getaway sedan when they arrived during broad daylight.

Three security guards from a local company had just collected money when the robbers pounced on them.

The security guard that was carrying a cash trunk was pointed with a rifle and instructed to drop the trunk.

When he seemed to refuse, he was shot once in the shoulder at close range.

As he fell to the ground the robbers picked the trunk up and loaded it in one of their vehicles. The security guard that was shot was seriously injured.

Some of the thugs took positions at different sports to make sure there was no disturbance from anyone including the police.

The thugs managed to disarm all the guards and took their firearms away.

This is the second heist in the area in a space of 22 days.

No arrests were made up to this far but police investigations continue.

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