Concerned Democratic Alliance members in Limpopo call for Provincial Chairperson Jacques Smalle to resign


By Thabo Monyela

LIMPOPO- The Democratic Alliance (DA) provincial youth Chairperson Tiego Thotse together with other concerned members are calling for the resignation of Jacques Smalle, who has been voted as the provincial chairperson about a month ago.

It was mentioned that they are appealing to the party’s constituency and supporters to take a principled stand against the election of Jacques Smalle as a provincial chairperson, whom they label as a ‘failed leader’ during his tenure as the provincial leader.

Smalle was elected as the chairperson during the party’s provincial congress in Polokwane on May 27, after he was cleared on charges of dishonesty and fraud by the DA’s Federal Legal Commission. 

Democratic Alliance (DA) Provincial Chairperson Jacques Smalle attending party event

After the FLC found no adverse findings against him, Smalle was then appointed as the DA Member of Parliament.

However, the party’s legal commission found that Smalle has failed as Provincial Leader to ensure proper oversight over the party’s provincial structures and procedures. 

It is for these findings that the concerned DA members call for the removal of their chairperson. 

“Our march is for the resignation of Smalle who was elected back into the provincial structure, after he collapsed, failed and ultimately put the DA in Limpopo under administration” Thotse said. 

He further added that under Smalle failed governance, The DA lost 32 council seats across the province in the 2021 Local Government Elections and said he’s not an ideal leader to lead the party towards the 2024 Provincial and National elections. 

The DA’s Provincial leader Lindy Wilson said Smalle was cleared to stand as the chairperson and was democratically voted in majority by congress delegates. 

“Any concerns with regards to his nomination or being allowed to stand should have been raised before the congress and not after he was democratically and fairly elected” Wilson added. 

The concerned members are planning a peaceful march to the DA’s Provincial office to deliver a memorandum for the removal of Smalle on Wednesday, 28 June 2023. 

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