Community of Jamela village is reeling in shock after decomposed body of unknown man found in the bushes


By Staff Reporter

JAMELA VILLAGE: The Police in Bolobedu request for public assistance to find a family of an unknown man whose body was found decomposed in the bushes at Jamela Village on Sunday 10th September 2023.

The deceased age is estimated to be between 35 to 40.

Community members in Bolobedu and surrounding areas are advised to check with their family members whether they are okay .

He said it was not yet known how long the body had been there.

An inquest case was registered with the Bolobedu police for investigation.

The postmortem is expected to be conducted today, Wednesday 13 September 2023 to determine the cause of death and identity.

Anyone whose family member is missing and wants to confirm can contact Detective Constable Julia Rampedi on 0764407949 or 08600 10111

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