Col Ngoepe called upon parents to ensure the safety of their children

BOLOBEDU- Two children died of alleged suffocation inside a vehicle on Monday, November 09. According to the police reports, the cousins, aged three years, left home on the morning of that fateful day heading to church. In the evening when the parents could not find them, they lodged a police complaint.  The police later launched a search  police whereby they were joined by SAPS k9 unit, local communities and police officials, it was during the operation when the gruesome discovery was made. The unconscious bodies of the two boys were lying in a immobile car that was parked in one of the boys’ home.
The police suspect that the children might have entered the car when they found it unlocked, it is learnt. The duo apparently suffocated and might have died from the heat wave that was experienced in the province on that particular day. The Emergency Medical Service (EMS) declared the duo dead upon arrival at the scene.
Following the tragic incident, Colonel Moatshe Ngoepe has  confirmed the incident and called upon parents to ensure the safety  of their children. “It is sad for children to loose their lives in this manner because of parent’s negligence” he said. More investigation is being conducted through police to ascertain the cause of death.

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