Choppers and Spotter Dispatched to Combat Mooiplaas Fire in Modjadjieskloof


By Staff Reporter

MODJADJISKLOOF-In response to the escalating fire threat in the Tzaneen area, choppers HBU and HHJ, along with Spotter 5, have been dispatched to tackle a significant blaze at Mooiplaas in Modjadjieskloof.

The high Fire Danger Index (FDI) has resulted in multiple fires erupting across the region, prompting swift action from landowners and the local fire brigade.

Despite the challenging conditions, authorities have assured the public that no fires are currently out of control. Continuous efforts are being made to manage and contain the situation effectively. Supplies, including water and firefighting equipment, are being distributed to personnel on the front lines to support their relentless efforts.

As a precautionary measure, all burning permits have been suspended until further notice. This decision aims to prevent any additional fires from being ignited during this high-risk period.

Residents are advised to remain vigilant and report any new fires or suspicious activities immediately. The cooperation between landowners, the fire brigade, and aerial support is crucial in ensuring the safety and protection of the community and the environment.

Stay updated with the latest fire status and safety instructions through local news channels and official announcements.

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