Capricorn FM‘s Refilwe Mathebula nominated best news bulletin reader in SA Radio Awards


By Agreement Mabunda

KHUJWANA VILLAGE-Determination and a strong belief in herself have helped a young lady from the rural village of Khujwana, in greater Tzaneen to overcome the odds and was recently nominated for the best news bulletin reader for SA Radio Awards.

Refilwe Mathebula was brought up in an environment surrounded by her parents, along with her three older brothers who provided her with a supportive, caring, and secure home upbringing.

The talented news Reader attended Khujwana Primary School and Matimu High School, both in Khujwana, for her elementary and secondary schooling.

She completed her degree in Bachelor of Arts at the University of Limpopo. At first, Mathebula had no intention of taking the mic. She studied performing arts with the goal of being the greatest actor this nation has ever seen. After earning her bachelor of arts degree, she said she was set on becoming a television performer.

But life has a way of working itself out, and she ended up pursuing a radio career. Her journey on Radio began at Phalaborwa FM as a news reader for about a year at the community radio in Namakgale before she ended up at the Capricorn FM Radio Station, which she embraces fully.

“I wake up in the mornings looking forward to being a source of information and updates for thousands of people and that remains my inspiration 12 years later”, said Mathebula.

It feels surreal for the radio news reader to be nominated for her greatest work, thus it means a lot that she was nominated and forms part of the finalists for the best News Bulletin Reader.

Mathebula states that she was humbled by the nomination and expresses her gratitude for the opportunity to showcase her abilities and the people who helped her.

During the interview, she also emphasised that the mentorship she received has been her biggest source of motivation and has brought her to this point.

She has transferred her skills to help others who came seeking assistance in improving their craft, especially in the area of news anchoring, which not only brings her joy but also a sense of purpose. This is the most important thing she has accomplished.

She added that her family had a significant influence on who she is now, “I never ran short of ‘I love you’. I got the attention I needed at home so that I wouldn’t go looking for it in less desirable places”, she said.

The people in her family, friends, and coworkers who have always believed in her gave her a lot of love and support. Mathebula spoke fondly of her father, whom she says does not mind acting as a human alarm clock when asked to, given the demanding nature of her morning shift. She also saw her mom as a prayer warrior who was always there to offer encouragement when she was feeling down. Not to mention her spouse, Mr. Mathebula who never fails to assist with family responsibilities when she is unable to do so because of job obligations.

Mathebula said she is still in awe of the unwavering support she has received from the start of her radio career all the way up to the point where she was recognised and nominated for the finest News Bulletin Reader.

She concluded by addressing the youth who are still figuring out who they are, saying: “Some of the decisions you are going to make to better your life, may cost your friendships but that is okay. The truth is, not everyone has your best interest at heart.

Surround yourself with people who want to see you succeed, people who make it possible for you to succeed by giving you platform, time and resources to get you closer to your dreams”.


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