Bolobedu Young fashion designer’s colourful dreams

By Mokgadi Kgatle
At the age of 25 , Emanuel Masiakwala from Sethong village outside Tzaneen is establishing himself as a fashion designer who designs for both male and female.
He is known  for his admired trousers worn by almost every young man around Bolobedu. He is a third-year student at Lisof in Pretoria.
‘’I started designing at a very young age, I remember wearing clothes that had cartoons shown on television and that is how I started knowing more about fashion and dressing up,’’ Says the young designer.
According to Emanuel Sylvester as he is affectionally known in the fashion circles , a fashion designer is mostly a woman’s job but he decided to follow his heart when choosing a  career that he’s passionate about. He says all he wanted was to pursue his dream.
“I applied for a lot of courses in varsity but didn’t qualify and took a gap year. That compelled me to make some introspections about myself and decided to follow what I excel best in’’, he added.
He further mentions that his clothes are also recognized by celebrities and most people are fascinated by his unique regalia.
He normally showcases his wardrobe on all his social media platforms.
His trousers are the most popular clothes in Bolobedu and also around Polokwane and Pretoria, he’s dressed people such as Magistics and comedian such as Thato Malebati.
He says he wants to be like David Tlale, his long term goal is to open his fashion store

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