Bolobedu man tells the story of how unemployment and poverty pushed him to live in a borehole house


By Theodorah waga Mawasha

SEMARELA VILLAGE— A man from Semarela village in Bolobedu under Greater Tzaneen, has left the comfort of his parents ‘s home to stay in a borehole house.

Lawrence Masete Malatji, 35, says that he made the decision to move out of his home because life there was unbearable.

“I was staying at home, but, I decided to move out to start my own life because the situation was unbearable”, he said.

Malatji indicated that he opted to occupy the borehole house built on his father’s old farm because he felt that he was a burden at home as poverty was rife and they were not working.

A concerned community member who brought Malatji’s plight to Tzaneen Voice said that he felt the need to step in and get him help because the borehole house is not a conducive environment.

“It breaks my heart when I see him living like that. He seriously needs help because that structure is not meant for human life. He must be helped with proper shelter”, he said.

Malatji’s older brother Malekutu Malatji, chipped in and confirmed that his brother’s situation was dire.

“I would be happy if he could get a job to sustain himself. He voluntarily moved out of home, but, he needs help”, he said.

Tzaneen Voice made attempts to get assistance from the local government through Ward 8 councillor Erol Monyela, however, his phone was not going through.

Malatji is appealing to anyone who has any sort of employment to rescue his situation.

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