Bolobedu man (26) mysteriously disappears after hiking a VW Polo on R71


By Agreement Mabunda

RELELA VILLAGE- The South African Police Service in Tzaneen seeks public assistance to locate a 26-year-old man who went missing on Friday, December 22 after hiking on R71.

According to the information received, Mohale Molewa left home on Friday to go to work in Tzaneen town and he did not return home.

His mother received a call from the cousin who is in Gauteng saying he had received a call from Mohale Molewa who said he was at the hiking spot Tzaneen R71 road hiking to Bolobedu and he hiked a white polo but on the way the vehicle did not turn to Bolobedu instead, it went straight to Tarentaal side.

After that it is unknown what happened he just woke up finding himself in a one-room house white in colour. The house was surrounded by bluegum trees. While busy talking with him the phone was hung, and ever since that, the cell phone has not working.

The cellphone number of the Missing person is 0769344725

The police appeal to anyone with information that can assist in locating Molewa Mohale can contact 08600 10111 or the nearest police station.

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