Bolobedu family of 8 left destitute as house destroyed by fire


By Theodorah Waga Mawasha

THAPANE-A family of 8 at Thapane village, Greater Tzaneen, was left destitute after they watched their home burn to the ground in the early hours of Wednesday morning, August 24.

The house belonging to a pensioner Mmabalwa Sebashe, is reported to have caught fire due to load shedding, according to Mmabalwa’s granddaughter Brenda Sebashe.

“The power went off and when it came back on the cables connected on the roof of the house caught fire. We were woken up by smoke, unfortunately by that time the fire had already gutted the house. We ran outside and could not salvage anything.

All the furniture, food and clothes were destroyed in the fire”, Sebashe said.

The family of eight (8) has found refuge in an outside room where they squeeze together at night to sleep.

” It will take a while for us to recoup what we have lost. This is a plea to the government or anyone to help with anything to help us get by. Any help will ease the burden”, Sebashe concluded.

Residents are calling around to get the family some of the essentials, they haves urged anyone who can assist to please come forward.

“We are just looking for anything to assist this family. They have nothing, and the most important things now are to get doors, windows and paint for the house.

“If anyone can assist with anything it would be highly appreciated,” she added.

If you would like to assist, please contact 060 302 5531

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