Bolobedu event organiser confirms King Monada’s refund and denies damaging his property


By Thabo Monyela

TZANEEN- The Bolobedu-based event organiser Peter ‘Madupa’ Ramafalo of Madupa lodge confirms that King Monada has paid back his money after he didn’t show up for performance on two occasions.

On the dawn of Sunday, February 10, after the music superstar didn’t pitch for the Valentine pre party event at Madupa lodge in Bokhuta Village for the second time, the organiser mobilised some of the patrons and fared to King Monada’s home in Mokgoloboto village to demand answers.

Madupa denies allegations made by the music superstar that he together with his companions maliciously damaged King Monada’s home, upon their arrival in a truck.

According to the event organiser, it was him and four police who entered Monada’s house to demand his refund and none of the patrons set a foot at his yard.

“It’s a lie that we threatened him and his family and damaged his property, those people got there and chatted innocently in front of the Police, if we did what he alleges we did, why the police in present didn’t disperse us or didn’t he open a case against me or any of the patrons “Madupa said.

He further confirmed that Monada paid back an amount of R40 000 in two batches of R30 000 and R10 000, through EFT after their engagements.

It’s not for the first time that the Bolobedu businessman and event organiser raided an artist’s home for failing to pitch up at his paid gig.

Late last year, he went after Kharishma at her place in solomondale area, after she failed to pitch up for his All-Black party celebration.

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