Bloodthirsty Domestic Pig Attacks Livestock In Bolobedu


By Thabo Monyela

RELELA VILLAGE -The bloodthirsty domestic Pig invaded the cows’ Kraal at around 3 am on Sunday,March 7.

The vicious pig fled its pigsty and went on to attack two sacred cows out of the four in the Kraal, at the neighborhood at Relela Village in Bolobedu South.

The cattle farmer, who preferred not to be named, informed our reporter that in the early hours of Sunday, he heard a weird sound from the cow’s Kraal and found his neighbour’s pig attacking his cows.

” I tried to fight it but I couldn’t Champion it and I watched it tearing my cows,” the owner said.

Another Cow was ripped out intestines by the domesticated pig and declared untreatable by the Tzaneen Animal Clinic officials. The officials advised the cattle farmer to slaughter it since it won’t survive long. The medically treated cow will be vaccinated and treated regularly for it to survive.

According to the cattle farmer, the untreatable cow was reserved for the family ritual which was planned to take place this year.

The vicious pig was slaughtered and family members and those who offered hands in slaughtering ate it for Sunday chillas.

The Tzaneen Animal Clinic requested the head of the slaughtered pig for rabies testing in Pretoria.

According to Tzaneen Animal clinic, should the slaughtered pig taste positive for rabies disease, it will pose dangers to the life expectancy of the cow. He further said that the animals that are infected by rabies disease have 5% of existing.

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